About your IMAGES...

Do you need some great images? 
I'd love to help you. 
More importantly, I'd love to do it in a way that takes some of the worry & hassle out of the process and replaces it with joy and the satisfaction that you've got what you want and that it wasn't nearly as hard as you thought it would be!
I know that great photos and images are important to you. Actually, that's not nearly strong enough... whether it's images to help you market your business or, in the case of portrait, wedding & family photos, something that you & the next generations will treasure, they -and you- need to shine! I don't take that lightly and neither should you. 
Getting those great shots, as least to me, is mostly a combination of trust and having a great rapport with whatever photographer you choose; someone who will listen to your wants, needs & ideas and translate those into images that exceed your expectations. Moments are fleeting, and life is too short, be choosy. 

About me...

A bit of background. 
I feel like making & preserving images for a living brings together the many parts of my life that were previously separate - the creative & the technical & the personal. 
I'm originally from Omaha, Nebraska & still have a good portion of my family there & visit often. Midwest born & bred I decided to go away, but not too far, to the University of Kansas to major in architectural design, an interest I'd had all through high school. Art had been & still was a favorite subject, anything to be working with my hands made the days (& late nights in studio) pass quickly. Building structures, designing anything, using (and building & tearing apart & fixing) electronics & computers to do it. In college came chances to try film photography, woodworking, furniture design and eventually moving my major to product/industrial design. I have my parents to thank for my constant interests in reading, food, music & audio, and for always having a camera around to capture those important moments of us growing up. 
Jobs in customer service, retail, mechanical engineering and then design engineering followed, but always with a focus on serving the end customer, but even more so, getting to engage with people & helping them to solve their problems.
Photography & images were always an interest. You've heard often enough the story of the young kid with point & shoot cameras, dad's cool metal 35mm SLR, important moments being captured, getting a "real" pro camera, seeing old slides & and negatives with memories of people gone too soon... yep, check all those boxes here. 

First an interest, then a hobby and now a job where I get to tie many of these strings together.

My friends would describe me as easy going, quick with a smile and a joke, dependable, detail oriented -sometimes to a fault there ;) - and almost always able to see the positive in situations.

When I'm not out shooting I'm enjoying a very full life in Kansas City with my fantastic wife Kassie and our equally fantastic pre-teen son Xavier (who hates me taking his picture all the time.) He'll thank me later. 

Thank you so much for your interest - I'd be honored if you'd let me use my varied experiences to make images for you to use, enjoy & cherish. 
Let's get started!

-Joe Sands

I can be reached any time at: 
913-568-9230 (cell)